Brothers In Arms

Operation : Truck Stop
Smugglers, Slavery, and Sins

Sessions : 11-12 Date: 01/27/14, 02/09/14
Characters: Angela, Kelila, Luc, Gyasi

The team drive to a monastery in Dragovir, Romania to investigate the possible destination of the smuggled goods and suspected point of human trafficking.

Operation : Opera Premiere
Requests and heart sensitivity

Sessions : 7-9 Date: 11/24/13, 12/29/13, 01/05/14
Characters: Evelyn, Ibis, Ron, Fred

In Vienna, Austria, after being contacted by the “Doctor” who raised a man from the dead; Fred, Ibis, Ron and Evelyn move to find out what Arkady Shevlenko has to do with the demanded “Albedo”.

Operation : Breadcrumb Trail
Criminals, Cryptids and Catacombs

Sessions : 6 Date: 11/24/13
Characters: Evelyn, Ibis, Angela, Kelila, Luc, Ron, Gyasi, Fred

Following a lead on a smuggling port in Odessa, Ukraine; the team has a close encounter and is left exposed, forcing them to cut out in smaller groups using different routes.

Operation : Singing Goose
Captives and HUMINT

Sessions : 4-5 Date: 11/10/13 – 10/17/13
Characters: Evelyn, Ibis, Angela, Luc, Ron, Gyasi

A raid on the team’s safe house ends in a clean getaway., with a captive in tow. As the team gets more information on who they’re up against, contracts are pulled into the team to fill in gaps in the team’s makeup.

Operation : Tattered Agreement
Investigating the players in the job

Sessions : 3 Date: 11/03/13
Characters: Evelyn, Angela, Luc, Ron

With the trade for the data having gone south; the team sets out to find the reason for their hit order. Looking into those involved in job, leads to dead ends and dead bodies and forcing the team to measure the degree of their situation.

Operation : (S)Entries
A theft uncovers something deeper

Sessions : 1 – 2 Date: 10/20/13 – 10/27/13
Characters: Evelyn, Angela, Luc, Ron

Coming into the operation for different reasons, the team gathers together for the first time to steal a laptop and it’s contents from a Brigadier-General of Canadian Air Force. After uncovering the strange research conducted by officer in his down time, the team quickly learn of the intention of their shadowy benefactor on not letting them walk away alive.


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