Angeline "Angela" Bailey

Rookie Intelligence Analyst for the CIA / Background in Engineering


Drive: Mystery, wants to uncover her father’s involvement in her last operation, wants to see how far she can push her technical abilities
Symbol: Her Father’s Personal Note book, filled with work notes, personal projects and musings from his daily life.
Solace: Her mother in London
Safety: Her Uncle at her Father’s family home in the UK.


  • Character – Gambit by the unconventional prodigy
  • Dust – Too new to the game to know better
  • Burn – The faults of a life lived in secrets and impact of the esoteric
  • Mirror – “I’m not an expert, but I know enough to see the connects to sense of this”
  • Stakes – Understanding is the only way to slow our downward spiral into the unknown

Age: 22 DOB: December 12, 1990
Active: 2011 (age 20) – 2013
Code Name: Voodoo


  1. Kelly Bonnar
  2. Annushka Popova

Being so friendly, outgoing and approachable in any conversation; able to offer her opinion topics, spark up small talk, and share advice on simple things; it’s hard to imagine Angela possessing the talents she does. Misdirecting people’s perceptions of her, puts her in a better position to accomplish her goals with focus and tenacity. There’s an underlining drive in her to prove herself to everyone for her own sake and for the memory of her father.

Angela shows off the color of her youth with her attractive features, her red hair make her stand out, her big green eyes always have a childlike innocence to them, and her stylish and trendy clothing give off the idea of a student. She’s never seen without her large purse over here shoulder or with out a cup of coffee or pen in hand.

Daughter of a network engineer and illusionist, grew up moving around to different counties and immersed in exotic cultures. Learned a lot about the world through her parent’s experiences, including their brief involvement with the CIA. Was struck by her father’s death after struggling with cancer. Completed her degree in engineering at MIT, turn down promising careers in other fields after getting accepted into the CIA.

Faced slight ridicule from agents after uncovering her father’s history as an illusionist, but impressed other’s with her talents and resourcefulness at collecting intel during operations. In her brief time as an agent, she was not formally assigned a station, instead sent to lend her technical expertise in various ongoing operation through the European circle.

Her last mission resulted in her suspension of agency work, while assisting in surveillance of an Iranian group activities in the Paris. She faced resistance from her fellow agents and case managers for her involvement while attempting to gather information. On the tip of Johnath Foster, a fellow agent she was harboring feeling towards; she over stepped her orders and dug further into the group, uncovering a great deal of chatter that held some connection to her father.

Her digging led to the exposure of the operation and retaliation of the Iranian group. As the agents scatted to retreat from their revealed location, Angela’s preparation had allowed her escape; but Johnathan did not resurface at the safe house and was presumed MIA. She is now pursuing a connection to Johnathan’s possible whereabouts and the connections to her dead father’s research on her own in Croatia.

Angeline "Angela" Bailey

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