Ronald "Ron" Hanford

Former SAS operative and MI-6/SIS operations manager


Drive: Atonement – Has made mistakes in the past and manipulated plenty of young people into danger, aims to make amends
Symbol: Family photo with his daughter, Violet Mastely(DOB: December 28, 1984 age 28) and her family, husband and 2 girls
Solace: Daughter, Violet Mastely, and her family in London
Safety: Sea side home where he family used to vacation on the Italian coast


  • Character – Years in the service, you get to know people and learn a few things
  • Dust – Old hand in a game of shifting and new rules
  • Burn – The shadow of a father and a leader
  • Mirror – “I’ve seen this tried before. Hell, I’ve given the order, this won’t end well”
  • Stakes – I can be the leader they need; make the decisions they can’t and shouldn’t have to make

Age: 53 DOB: January 3, 1960
Code Name: Tourist
Active: 1976 (age 16) – 2010 (age 50)


  1. Henrik Kolesnyk
  2. Collin Foster

Gives off the air of maturity and friendliness you’d see in a grandfather figure. Is generally nice and inviting to people, but does his best to judge and get a read on people he deals with. Frequently recount anecdotes from his past to connect with people, whether or not they’re true depends on the situation. Is a slow/moderate paced speaker to control the conversion and read people better. Leads an analog life style.

Getting on in years, he sports a short cut peppered grey hair. Coming up on his mid 50’s he looks older with the lines on his face and the bags under his eyes giving off the appearance of a tired older man. Comfortable in an off the rack suit, he tends to go with more non-discript clothing, especially items of clothing that enhance the aged look. Despite the injury he suffered to his leg in his mid 30’s and the years of staying off the field, he hasn’t let himself become to out of shape.

After the death of his mother at young age, Ron was raised by his father, Eugene Hanford, a librarian and heavily devote catholic. His upbringing was challenging due to the rigorous education in religious doctrine that he received. Attending catholic schools was a respite to his time at home under his father’s supplementary teachings of learning different languages to read old scriptures.

Ron may have been about to bear with this lifestyle. until being able to strike out on his own, were it not for the impossible disciplines excepted of him in his father’s teaching, the hypocrisy and manipulation that Eugene showed in what he was teaching, combined with this frequent bought of alcoholisms that only exacerbated his disciplinarian streak.

This drove young Ronald to run way from home at the age of 16, after struggling on his own and nearly getting in trouble with the law, he eventually enlisted in the British army to stabilize his life. In that time, he met his wife, Rose Cosgrove, eventually has his daughter, Violet Mastely, joined the parachute regiment until eventually gaining acceptance into the SAS.

Stress and pressure, combined with his father’s affinity for the drink begins to take it’s toll on his marriage, and after five years ends in her leaving with violet. Drowning himself in his work, Ronald thrived in the operations he lead, until one mission ended in an injury that would remove him from field active work. As he recovered, he’d formed enough contacts and associates to be offered involvement as a case officer for the SIS.

He played the game through out the rest of his career, until his involvement in an operation that ended in disaster. Despite many seeing his resignation as unfair and sheerly as a result of politics, Ronald saw it as a wakeup call for all the things he’d done, all the people he’d sacrificed and people he’d harmed.

His contacts and former colleagues pulled him into private security, he struggled to better himself by quiting drinking and making efforts to reconcile with his estranged family. After losing contact with a young protege and tracing him Coratia, he aims to not lose another young man because of his mistakes.

Ronald "Ron" Hanford

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